Hey Community and Convergence Attendees!

We had a great first day of Convergence in New Orleans!  The Microsoft Dynamics GP Technical Support Team is manning the Help Desk in the Microsoft Solutions Experience.  Come and visit us today!  We are excited and ready to answer your questions regarding Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013!

Check out the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 What's New Guide!

Help Desk Hours:
Tuesday, March 19 - 12:00PM - 6:00PM
Wednesday, March 20 - 8:00AM - 6:00PM
Thursday, March 21 - 10:30AM - 3:00PM

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Come to the Help Desk at Convergence!

1. Stop on over and chat with two of our Escalation Engineers, Jason and Aaron, to learn more about the NEW Web Client for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013!

2. Sit down and visit with our resident Payroll and Human Resources Escalation Engineer, Terry, to learn more about the NEW Build Check File Exceptions Report and much more in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013!

3. Got a Distribution question?  Come on over and chat with our awesome Distribution Engineers,  Maria, Deseree and Kelly,  regarding the NEW Document Attach feature in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 and much more!

4. Do you have Project Accounting?  Have a chat with our top Project Accounting Expert, Pam, for all your Project Accounting needs!

5. How about Financials?  Come on down to the Help Desk and chat with our rockin' Financials folks, Ken, Andrea, Cheryl and Jennifer for all your Financial module needs!

6. Are you a Developer?  Pull up a chair and have a chat with one of our Escalation Engineers, Lee, for all your Microsoft Dynamics GP Dev needs!

7. Is Manufacturing on your mind?  Chat with our awesome Manufacturing Team, Becky and one of our Escalation Engineers, Tammy to get all your Manufacturing questions answered!

8. Are you ready to upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 or do you have questions regarding the install, Business Portal or Workflow?  Our System Folks, Lucas, Sarah, Jonathan and myself are ready to help out with all your system related questions.  Come and visit!

9. Do you currently have an ongoing Technical Support case and have questions?  Come and find us for a quick chat regarding your Support cases!

10. Get to know our Technical Support Engineers!  Even if you do not have any questions for Support, come and see us!  Convergence is a great opportunity to connect and meet the Technical Support Team that you have worked with over the phone. 

Have a great Convergence!