Business Portal 6.0 for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 is now available!

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Hi Community,

Business Portal 6.0 for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 is now available!

Customers - Click HERE
Partners - Click HERE

Check out our awesome Business Portal 6.0 Documentation!!!

Business Portal 6.0 Upgrade Guide

Business Portal 6.0 Administrator's Guide

Business Portal 6.0 Installation Guide

Business Portal 6.0 Facts You Need to Know! - Check it out!
Business Portal 6.0 is x64 only.

2. Business Portal 6.0 is only supported on SharePoint Server 2010 or SharePoint Foundation 2010.

3. Business Portal 6.0 is currently only supported on Windows Server 2008 x64 SP2 or later & Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 or later.

4. SharePoint 2010 is currently NOT supported on Windows Server 2012 until the release of Service Pack 2 for SharePoint 2010.  Therefore, Business Portal 6.0 is currently not supported on Windows Server 2012.

5. Here are the upgrade paths to Business Portal 6.0. (NOTE: Coming from Business Portal 4.0 and 5.0 does also require upgrade to SharePoint 2010.)
a. Business Portal 4.0 SP2 to Business Portal 6.0
b. Business Portal 5.0  to Business Portal 6.0
c. Business Portal 5.1 to Business Portal 6.0

**Make sure to check out our Business Portal 6.0 Upgrade Guide!**

6. Business Portal 6.1 will be out later and will support SharePoint 2013.  Business Portal 6.0 is not supported on SharePoint 2013.


  • Hi Kelly, testing the fresh installation of BP 6.0 with GP2013SP1, only issue found until now the double hoop for KPI inside BP from any server or workstation different to the BP server. Kerberos and SPN were configured as usual.

    Could you please comment possible solutions to the message in the web part of the KPI "The request failed with HTTP status 401: Unauthorized.


    Efrain Calderon (

  • Hello Efrain,

    There are actually several potential causes for the 'HTTP status 401: unauthorized' error.  Kerberos seems to be the most common, but you'll want to review the following KB on your issue:

    If you find that the KPIs work when you're on the BP server then you likely have a Kerberos configuration issue.  You'll want to review that setup to rule out any issues.

  • Hello,

    Do we need any additional license for customers if we want to let customers place orders in order management in business portal 6.0.


  • Interesting that Electronic Document Delivery disappeared. What functionality is replacing it that can still auto send order notifications?

  • We have tried everything in the TK and we are on the server and still getting the 401 error does anyone else have any suggestions.  Our portal is not installed on port 80 we created a new site.  Any help would be great!

  • When is BP6.1 coming out? The one that's compatible with SharePoint 2013 and Windows Server 2012.