If during the Payroll Process the Payroll Clerk gets an error to the effect of "an Open Operation error, a Get/Change error, or a Save Operation error "

Then give these scripts a try:

--Find let us find out where the error actually is:
-- I like to know what I am about to delete!

Select * From DYNAMICS..UPR10300
Select * From  DYNAMICS..UPR10304
Select * From  UPR10200
Select * From  UPR10201
Select * From  UPR10202
Select * From  UPR10203
Select * From  UPR10204
Select * From  UPR10205
Select * From  UPR10206
Select * From  UPR10207
Select * From  UPR10208
Select * From  UPR10209
Select * From  UPR10213
Select * From  UPR19900
Select * From  UPR19901

Now, that I know what is in these tables, and have the chance to back up that information up somewhere should I feel the need. Let us clear them out with this section of SQL Code:

Delete DYNAMICS..UPR10300
Delete DYNAMICS..UPR10304
Delete UPR10200
Delete UPR10201
Delete UPR10202
Delete UPR10203
Delete UPR10204
Delete UPR10205
Delete UPR10206
Delete UPR10207
Delete UPR10208
Delete UPR10209
Delete UPR10213
Delete UPR19900
Delete UPR19901

till later,