First, I have to admit I have no idea how one person can blog so much, but somehow he manages to out blog me by an unimaginable amount.

So, rather than create an individual post for each thing he has posted over the last few days I will just give you a list.

Leslie Vail takes us inside Installing the GP 2013 Web Client–roll up your sleeves!...(read more)

    There are a ton of blog entries coming out of the technical airlift. I thought about trying to lump some of them together and then I just gave up so...buckle up and enjoy. Dynamics University starts us out with info on Supporting Microsoft Dynamics GP...(read more)

    We've covered a bunch of the now free PSTL tools. When Microsoft made the PSTL tools free they also made some other tools free including POP Over Receipt Tolerance. This tool allows a receipt tolerance percentage for quantities. A setup window allows...(read more)

    Mariano has coverage of Microsoft Dynamics GP Technical Airlift 2012: Day 1...(read more)

    The newest GP2013 Feature of the Day:Update Back Order Item Qty in Field Service...(read more)

    Ian Grieve has multiple posts on How To Install Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 (Beta) including: Server Configuration Client Demo Company...(read more)

    Charles Allen asks Are You Still Here? – How to Know Who’s Still in Dynamics GP...(read more)

    News out of Fargo from Dynamics Corporate Performance Management: Web-based Report Viewer debuts ....(read more)

    I've got a new SmartList resource available. This is a front and back quick reference guide to SmartLists in Dynamics GP. It’s similar to ones you've seen at office supply stores for applications like Word and Excel. The format is designed to...(read more)

    It’s not unheard of for someone to make a mistake with depreciation. Maybe an asset was put into service early for example. Well if you need to undo depreciation for a single asset in Dynamics GP it’s very easy. Simply go to the Routine for Depreciate...(read more)


    Now, you might think that covers several weeks of blog post, but atlas no, it is just two days for him. Maybe one day he will tell me his secret. Smile


    till later,