Here is what I have discovered so far in my some 50 minutes of using Microsoft Word to Blog rather than Microsoft Live Writer.

First, the biggest difference is just a matter of preference, so use whichever tool to blog with that you wish.

I did notice that the document properties, which I use for word documents really do not apply to a blog post, or at least as far as I can tell.

However, I did notice two things that will probably keep me in Microsoft Word from now on.

One is that when you insert a category, you get a dropdown list of all the tags you have used in the past. I like this over Live Writers type a single letter and then get a list of all tags that start with that letter. Of course, to add multiple tags you just click the "Insert Category" button again and Word automatically adds the semicolon and adds another dropdown for you to pick the next tag.

The other thing is that I much prefer the Grammar Checking of Microsoft Word over than of Microsoft Live Writer.

However, there are multiple settings in both Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Live Writer, that I have yet to explore. Nevertheless, for the most part as I already use Microsoft Word for all of my other documentation and only started with Microsoft Live Writer just for blogging, I think I can safely say, at least for me, I will just do everything in Microsoft Word from now on.

Hum, I wonder if I will "eat crow" on that last statement as some point in the future. I guess you will just have to stick around and see. :)

Till later,