Ok, so several months ago I started a series of post (all one of them) about doing a complete re-install of Microsoft Dynamics GP.  You can read that post here, if you so desire.

Now one of the things that has taken so long is that  I wanted to write the entire series of posts before I published any individual posts in the series. However, as I went along in my writing I began to come to a realization, which took me in a completely different direction on this series of blog post that I had originally intended.

My biggest realization was that it the respect of the details versus process/concepts. The fact that we changed pay code “ABC” to “DEF” or deduction code “XXX” to “YYY” really does not matter to anyone else. What matters is the process that we went through and the concepts we used during that re-install.

I would hazard to say that the biggest think to keep in mind if you consider doing a complete re-install of Microsoft Dynamics GP, is to consider it a like a “New” install from some other product. Take the time to write down every process and thing that you are currently doing in Microsoft Dynamics GP, then write down all the other business processes that are not currently in Microsoft Dynamics GP. Even include which department is doing what and what person is doing what.

The next best thing, if not the best thing, you can do, at least in my own opinion, is take that “We have always done it this way, so we have to continue to do it that way” idea that we all have to some extend and through it out the door. Winking smile

Once, you have all this written down it is time to call your Partner, and setup a meeting. Tell them what you are thinking about and simply ask them, “This is what we use to do, is that the way we want to continue, or is there a new and better way to do it?”

Also, make sure you consider all the aspects of your processes, not just what parts of Microsoft Dynamics GP you use or do not use, or how you do a specific process, but also, consider who does what and where is the divider between job responsibilities, both between various departments but also between various people.

So, in conclusion,  and with all this said, doing a Re-Install of Microsoft Dynamics GP is really no different that just a new Install of Microsoft Dynamics GP. 


Till later,