5 Reasons to NOT go to Convergence

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Convergence is Microsoft's premier conference for Dynamics customers. This year it's in beautiful New Orleans, just a few weeks after Mardi Gras. The conference is filled with great information on getting the most out of Dynamics GP and exploring what's on the horizon for the product.

There are a lot of articles out there on why you should attend Convergence, how to convince your boss to let you go, etc. Heck, I've even written a bunch of them. But there are probably some people who shouldn't go to Convergence. I've pulled together a list to help those folks identify that they should probably stay home.

You shouldn't attend Convergence if:

1. You know everything and have no need to learn about Dynamics GP.

I know some really smart consultants and MVP's around Dynamics GP. We're always trying to learn more, but hey, if you don't need to learn how to get better or go home early so you should probably just stay at your desk.

2. Dynamics GP works perfectly for you, every time all the time

If your version of Dynamics GP works perfectly for you and you have no need for additional functionality then you can probably stay home on the couch. However, if there are some areas where you feel like GP could be better or where a third party solution might make a difference in your workflow then it's time to book a ticket to New Orleans.

3. You like boring, irrelevant presentations.

There are going to be a ton of great speakers at Convergence 2013. If you like dry, boring, irrelevant presentations then Convergence is not for you. If you like interesting speakers, engaging topics and tips that you can take home and put use, then you need to be at Convergence. I've had people step out of sessions to call their office and have them implement fixes. I've even had people pull out their laptops, connect via VPN and apply tips during sessions. Most of the demos are live so expect to see solutions in an environment much like your own.

4. Your career is over.

If you're happy with your career, if you don't need to meet other folks who might be able to help you with GP problems, if you're never going to look for other employees with GP experience then by all means please stay home. Everyone else should come to Convergence and meet some new

5. You've banished "Fun" from your vocabulary.

I understand. You went to school for accounting. You had to work hard. None of those wishy-washy Marketing classes for you. Plus the real world is tough. Kids, mortgage, taxes. I get it. You don't have any fun left. Maybe you didn't have much to begin with. You should probably stay home. On the other hand, if you've still some life left in you, you should come to Convergence, learn something, have some fun and go back to the office ready to tackle the challenges you've found a solution for. 

If this list is you, stay home and chill. You probably need it. If this list isn’t you, I’ll see you at Convergence. Make sure to check out my sessions.

  • Great post Mark! It was great seeing you down at Convergence.