It's fun to visit different companies. Every company has something that is critical to them. For example, in some firms, inventory management is crucial. These companies actively manage P.O.'s and receipts. They aggressively monitor received not invoiced items. They are ogres about using the right unit of measure. Cycle counting is just part of their DNA. You get the idea. But a firm like this might be sloppy with receivables because they only have a few big customers and they generally pay on time. What often happens is that companies grow to a point where they can no longer be soft in a particular area. They need to get a handle on a function, like receivables, but they don't have the expertise to really excel.

Pick your area of expertise and softness, but this scenario plays out in most companies at various times. To fix less effective areas you need to understand both the tools available and the techniques for using them. This is where great conferences like the GPUG Summit and Microsoft Convergence come in.

The GPUG Summit is a gathering of GPUG users who come together to learn how to get the most out of Dynamics GP. Part of the beauty of Summit is that someone who needs help with Inventory can sit down and talk to users who live and die by inventory. They can share best practices, pitfalls to avoid and lessons learned. Attendees can also learn from partners about tools that they might not have realized are available. The 2013 edition of the GPUG Summit start October  22 and runs through the 25th in Tampa, Florida.

Microsoft Convergence is Microsoft Premier customer event for their Dynamics products, including Dynamics GP. Convergence does a great job of showcasing what's possible in GP and adds an element of what's coming, essentially, what will be possible in the future. The sessions feature a nice mix of experts and users have plenty of time to learn from each other as well. Convergence is coming to Atlanta in March of 2014.

The lesson here is that everyone isn't an expert in everything, but a great way to learn is to find someone who has been there before you and can show you the way. Both the GPUG Summit and Convergence offer that opportunity. I'm looking forward to learning from a bunch of you at Summit next week.