Today we have another guest blogger from our development team to deliver some of the content we are talking about in the Microsoft Dynamics GP Now & Next roadshows going on now.  Welcome, Kirsten to our blog.

I am Kirsten Schaff a Senior Engineering Lead on the GP team and I am currently leading a great group of individuals working on Workflow.  Over the last year we have looked at ways to make installation and adaptation easier and quicker and deliver a more user-friendly, easily deployable Workflow system for our GP customers.  We showed our new Workflow system in September at the Technical Airlift in Fargo and it was well received.   We will continue to discuss this in greater depth with our partners on our upcoming seven city partner GP NOW & NEXT roadshow in February. 

The Dexterity based Workflow system will be a phased release with the first workflow types scheduled to release in H1 of 2014.  This will include the replacement of the SharePoint Purchase Order Approval Workflow type as well as the addition of the new Purchase Requisition Workflow type.  The second phase of Workflow is slated for H2 of 2014 to include the replacement of more of the SharePoint based workflow types.  The new Dexterity based Workflow system will give users the ability to access Workflow via the Desktop Client and the Web Client.  The system is flexible for users to create the conditions they need to move their documents through Workflow and gain approval.  Users will have the ability to setup their workflows to receive customized e-mails at various points through the process.  These e-mails could be informational that a task has completed or provide data on actions that need to be taken.  The system can be setup to allow users that don’t access Dynamics GP the ability to approve, reject or delegate tasks.

Workflow was designed to have a central Workflow Engine that handles the multitude of tasks and actions that can be taken on a workflow.  This design will allow developers that wish to extend the workflow functionality into other areas to do so easily.  This will ensure a similar workflow experience across all areas and provide the ability to extend all functionality built into the Dexterity Workflow system.

Thanks Kirsten!

Keep watching this blog and others for more details and if you’re a Dynamics GP Partner I’d encourage you to attend one of our GP NOW & NEXT events.