Error in Payables Transaction Entry

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I got the following error in Payable Transaction Entry ( An Error Occurred. contact your system administrator to verify data )
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  • Not sure if we can help much with this one - the error message is a bit vague.

    Can you re-create the error? Can you describe exactly when it happened? What window etc.

    What version of GP? Have you processed many PM documents before...or is this the first one you tried?

    Is GP installed locally with a local reports dictionary, or are you operating over Citrix / RDP?

    Have you and third party software running?

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  • We had the same thing and had to open a ticket with Microsoft. Here is the answer.

    "I have seen this before when there were not enough leading zeroes in front of the payment number.   Go to Cards|Financial|Checkbook, select the checkbook, EFT BANK button|Payables Options and make sure the next number has room enough to grow."

    We added 3 leading zeroes to the Next EFT Payment Number (which was 4999) and now it works.

    Pretty pathetic system if you ask me, but life goes on. Hope this is helpful to someone!