FRx OFSI Error - 6.7, Windows 7

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I got a new machine, and it has Win 7 PRO x64.   I installed FRx and SP9 on 3 other machines, and they work fine (x32 machines).  Now the new machine has this error when I launch FRx:

OFSI server FSDynamics60 is not available.  Make sure it is installed and registered properly


I cannot find any info on this error.  Anyone?






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  • Mark,

    First off, FRx is not supported on x64 machines.  I do have it working on some, but you will find some problems here and there.

    To correct your situation, try running the FRxReg.exe program in the FRx Program Files folder.  This should register your OFSI (this is the file that maps the GP tables to FRx stuff) and all other FRx dll's.  If this does not work, you can try using the compatibility wizard in Windows 7 to see if that helps.

    Let me know how it goes.  I'd be happy to help out, just send me a line at




  • Hey Rob

    thanks for the info.  I tried both of those recommendations last week, and neither worked.  I did a little more digging, and MS said - as you said - FRx is not supported on x64 platforms.  However, some users were able to get this to work by going to SP 11, so this will be my next test, and I'll update you after that.




  • Rob

    Installing SP11 did the trick.