Unable to post cash receipt on GP 2010

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I could not post cash receipt transaction on MSD GP 2010. if i post the transaction it give this error on the cash receipt posting journal report.  'An error occured when updating permanent records. Transaction will not post.'

Please how can i resolve this issue.

Thank you and God bless

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    Based on the three posts you've made, it looks like you have a connectivity issues between the client and the server.  Is this a new client (PC) install you're trying to process these transactions from?

    Frank E. Hamelly, MCP, MCITP, MCT, MVP


  • Thanks for your responce.

    The client install is not a new PC, also as for my previous post, if i assign the fixed asset to account on the server it gives the same error.

    Kindly help me further.

    Thank you