How can i get an account number to display correctly in Management Reporter?

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In Management Reporter we would like to include a column for account number as well as description.  We have MR set up in the columns to display a column for account number, however this is how it displays on the report  Account = [5360], Sub Account = [000], Department = [07], and we would like for it to just display 5360-000-00.  Can we make this happen in MR?

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  • We are providing you more control on how you view account descriptions in the Management Reporter 2012 release. Check out this video to learn more:

  • I watched this video and that is great that we have more control.  However, my customers are going to not want to see those brackets.  It makes the report look messy.  They are going to want the account numbers to show as they do in the system with dashes, NOT brackets.

  • You can't do it yet, but the next Feature Pak is about to come out (Q1) with a fix for that.  As soon as it does you will have that feature and the accounts will at least look correct again.  To find out when it is coming out and what the features are:  Here is the Management Reporter website: