notes on an invoice

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on an invoice or actually any sales transaction document, there are notes that are attached to the document.  What file are these notes held in?  ie. sy.... or sop....

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  • The notes that are typed into the "Note" window are stored in the Company level table Record Notes Master: SY03900.

  • There are 4 different types of notes:

    1. User notes which are held in the SY02600 table (these are entered on the User Setup window).

    2. Window notes which are held in the SY00700 table.

    3. Record level notes which are stored in the SY03900 table.

    4. OLE notes which are also stored in teh SY0300 table but it does not provide detailed information regarding what file is stored. If you are looking for this information I would recommend opening a support case.