Fixed Assets Depreciation

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I have an asset that is being depreciated over 3 years with an original value of $948,857.95.  Using Straight line, Mid Month-15th with no change over.  So for the 1/2 month it came up with $13,580.39.  (UH, when it is telling me that the periodic depreciation is $26,311.96, I would have expected it to be $13,155.98.  Does anybody have an idea how it came up with that?

Years ago I saw a paper on how the Fixed Asset system was calculating depreciation which made sense, of course 3 jobs later, I can't find that document.  Can anyone help

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    Attached is a SL formula. Hope this helps.

  • found the anwser, go to SP3.  There is an issue with the 1/2 month depreciation.  And we are on SP2 for GP and the fix is in SP3...High ho, High ho off to the SP we go...