What does SOPSTATUS of 0 mean?

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We are trying to write some reports and I need to understand the SOPSTATUS values mean.  Why do I find status of type 0? and what does it mean?  If I am summing up transactions should I filter out the sopstatus of 0 ,or 9 or neither?

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  • SOP Status: Status of the document.  Status, Document Type and constant pairs are below.

    SOP Status SOP Type Constant

    1 - New Order SOP_STATUS_NEW

    2 - Ready to Print Pick Ticket Fulfillment Order SOP_STATUS_READYTOPICK

    3 - Unconfirmed Pick Fulfillment Order SOP_STATUS_UNCONFIRMEDPICK

    4 - Ready to Print Pack Slip Fulfillment Order SOP_STATUS_READYTOPACK

    5 - Unconfirmed Pack Fulfillment Order SOP_STATUS_UNCONFIRMEDPACK

    6 - Shipped Fulfillment Order SOP_STATUS_SHIPPED

    7 - Ready to Post Invoice SOP_STATUS_READYTOPOST

    8 - In Process Order SOP_STATUS_INPROCESS

    9 - Complete Order SOP_STATUS_COMPLETE

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  • If your SOP document has a status of zero, then it was a document that is NOT a fulfillment order, nor was it created by a fulfillment order. To be a 'fulfillment' order, you need to be using Sales Fulfillment Workflow.

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