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We are running GP 2013 in a test environment and smartlist builder is not showing up as an option on computers or server under sa login.  We checked our registration numbers and they are correct.  Any ideas or anyone else having this issue?

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  • Go back to your partner or the group that provided your license.  It may not be in the license.  It has loaded fine for me.

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  • Is it showing up under other logins? (You only mentioned 'sa'.) If not, have you confirmed that it is installed? Under Help | About Microsoft Dynamics GP, click on Options and scroll through the list of Products at the top. Is 'SmartList Builder' in the list? (Note that there will be a separate listing for 'SmartList', you're looking for 'SmartList Builder'.) This is a per computer list - it will show what GP products are installed on the computer where you are logged into GP.

  • Thanks for the suggestions.  Good to know Smartlist Builder is working for others in 2013.  We have contacted our partner.  Smartlist builder does not show up under other user logins that we have tried either.  I checked the installation list and both Smartlist and Smartlist builder are showing up in the list of products on my computer.

  • Lori,

    Have you also confirmed that SmartList Builder is registered and enabled under the keys you have? You can do this under GP | Tools | Setup | System | Registration. First, is SmartList Buidler in the list? Second, is it selected? If the answer to both is yes, are you able to test this with a user who is a POWERUSER in GP? (While unusual, 'sa' may not be a POWERUSER.)

  • Do you know if the January Hot Fix for GP 2013 has been installed. In the below link it mentions a fix for the SmartList Builder Naviagation Menus not showing.

  • Is Smartlist Builder supposed to come with GP 2013?

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  • It still has to be loaded as an option during the installation. It is an additional charge to purchase if that what your question is.

  • Thanks so much David, we did not have the January Hot Fix for GP 2013 installed.  After we installed it our issue was fixed.  Thanks everyone!

  • We are a GP partner and we can't use SmartList Builder in GP 2013. Apparently there is an inconsistent problem with registration keys to enable the product. I've gotten 10 different answers from MPN and Sales Ops, none of them resolve the problem. Keep complaining back to Microsoft Service and Support and eventually they'll figure out there's a problem.


  • Have you been kicked down to just MPN status and are not Silver or Gold? Only Silver and Gold Partners are entitled to the Smartlist Builder Pack.

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  • We're a Silver Partner in good standing. Now SalesOps is telling me SLB has been removed from the NFR pricelist. I think left doesn't know what right is doing. eOne Solution's Extender was given back to them. The Builder products are still on the the current pricelist, but I think someone broke the Microsoft registration key system for the eOne Solutions OEM products.

    Main premises: EVERYTHING is correct about the installation with the Hot Fix, ALL LICENSING ISSUES are current and up-to-date, and our account at Microsoft is current (and even paid early every month).

    If SalesOps is correct, I'd appreciate hearing from other partners whether their registration includes GP 2013 SmartList Builder Keys.  Better check the other Builder products in the SmartList Builder Pack also. I bet they messed everything up with this one.


  • We contacted eOne directly and they sent us over our regsitration keys.

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  • MPN Solve and Sales Ops has advised me that the SmartList Builder costs GP partners (I use that word loosely) $5,000. It is no longer issued with not-for-resale keys to partners. I would love to hear from other Silver and Gold partners whether they have even attempted to obtain registration keys, whether they were successful, whether anyone is using GP 2013 with SmartList Builder.

    eOne will not and cannot issue registration keys.


  • My apologies, eOne is for Extender. Those registrration keys come from eOne. The Customization Pack  includes Intgegration Manager and Customization  Suite.. MPN partners only get the Starter Pack and the Extended Pack. We do not get the Customization nor Smartlist Builder Packs.

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  • I have looked at our registration keys (not sure what level we are at), but it appears that it does not include the Smartlist Builder Pack, Extend Human Resources and Payroll and Collections Managment.     I am not sure why it would cost $5,000 when on the pricing sheet for perpetual licensing, Smartlist Builder is only 2,000. (Granted I can look at them in Fabrikam and work on them there).    But that does no good for production.

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