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I have been searching everywhere and cannot seem to find anything telling me how to set up a breakdown account.  I finally found out (after at least of month of on and off searching) when I go into variable allocations that the distribution account is the account I eventually want the allocation to go.  But I don't understand how to get my numbers in the breakdown account.  Why is there no detailed instructions on this? Am I the only one that can't figure this out? 

One example is I have 6 locations (distribution accounts) that vary depending on how may vehicle radios are in each location I don't know how to get that in the breakdown account. 

I hope someone can help me.  I can't seem to get very much help when I post on here.

Thank you.

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  • Hi Christine,

    Setup Unit accounts to hold the number of vehicle radios in each loaction. As you make adjustments to the number in each location it will vary the percentage. Use the Unit Account as your Breakdown account.

    There is an example setup in Fabrikam that may be worth checking which is based on Rent.

    The related contant on this page may also assist.


    Geoff James


    Geoff James