GP2013 web client date issues

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Using the GP2013 web client, the user date is showing in US formay mm/dd/yy However all dates on the screens are showing in UK format dd/mm/yy. When I print to screen, the print displays the US format. I select the print button and the report prints to my local printer, then GP hangs. I then have to sign out and back in again to continue. Any ideas

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  • This is a known issue that will be fixed in SP1 for GP 2013.

  • Have you experienced either the web client session locking after printing or the date being unable to change.I get the session locking when printing from home, but not in the office, My customer who has installed the web client in exactly the same way is now unable to change the date from the default date. when she changes it and tabs off, she gets a message about incorrect format, even though she has selected a date from the calendar. I do not have this issue. Seems very strange

  • We currently have GP 2013 SP1 installed, however, when we input a transaction date in English format it automatically changes it to a US format. Also, if we try and input a date of 13/05/2017 (13th May 2017) it errors on the screen saying "Please check and reenter the date", Is this a known issue?


  • We have installed SP1 in a TEST environment and still get the issue also, looks like Microsoft have failed again! Fortunately did not get egg on our face with the client.