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We used Integration Manager with GP2013 to import our data into item cards, including the associated vendor and their part number. We didn't see a field in the Integration Manager to import our items' manufacturers' names and part numbers. For each of our items (part number), we need to control both the vendors/part numbers and the manufacturers/part numbers. We have multiple vendors and multiple manufacturers for many of our parts.


How do we import our manufacturer's names and their part numbers? I assume we have to use a SQL query? If so, what tables need to be loaded?


BTW, getting to the manufacturer's data is not very convenient in GP2013, unless I'm doing something wrong. I open the Item Maintenance card, then select "Go To" Item Purchasing Options Maintenance, then select the "Gears" to reach the Manufacturer's Item Number Maintenance dialog. Is there a short cut to reaching the manufacturer's data for an item? 


Your help is much appreciated

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  • Mike, you should be able to use Table Import to update these values.  Import them to the 'Multiple Manufacture Items Master' table in the Manufacturing Series, 3rd Party tables.

    Frank E. Hamelly, MCP, MCITP, MCT, MVP

  • Thanks for the tip. I found the Multiple Manufacturer Items Master Table in Dynamics GP Product List, Inventory Series. The import seemed to work, at least I can see the manufacturer/item number via the Item Card.

    I can't see the manufactures listed in Smart List when viewing Items. Do I need to refresh something for the imported manufacturer's data to appear in Smart List?

  • You may need to use SmartList Builder (extra cost feature but worth the bucks) to create a custom SmartList that included the multiple vendors/part numbers.

    Richard L. Whaley Author, Publisher, Consultant

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  • We purchased the GP2013 Extended Pack with "manufacturing to support and control the manufacturing environment". I would think that feature should include the capability to list an item's manufacturer(s). The only way I can find to view the item's manufacturer is to drill into several dialogs to reach the Manufacturer's Item Number Maintenance Dialog. The Inventory Item SmartList has columns for listing an item's manufacture, but no data populates that column.

    There must be an easier way to view an item's manufacturers??????

  • The SmartList Inventory Items List now includes the manufacturers and their part numbers. Don't know why this data didn't appear yesterday after loading it, but it's there now.

  • You have to mark one of the manufacturere items as primary for it to appear in the SmartList.  The table is a one-to-many releationship, but marking the primary creates a one-to-one that the SmartList can handle.  -Trevor

  • Thank you, Trevor. We'll keep that in mind.