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johnellis asked a question on 19 Apr 2013 9:11 AM


A client is getting the following error, upon selecting a company in GP 10.0:

The procedure entry point strcpynw could not be located in the shell32.dll.

If the user is "sa", that user can click "OK" to the message and go into the company.  If it is any user other than "sa", however, GP closes upon clicking "OK".

This GP 10.0 install is on a 64-bit Windows 7 workstation, with User Access Control turned off.

An uninstall and reinstall has been conducted on this station, but doing so did not eliminate this issue. 

No other workstation is experiencing this problem.

Any ideas?



Richard L. Whaley responded on 19 Apr 2013 9:29 AM

I am not sure that Version 10 is supported on 64 bit workstations...however....

You might run the SQL script GRANT on the server.  It grants rights to all users to the GP objects.

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