MR 2012 RU4 Drill to GP

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Anybody else experiencing or have experienced any issues with the drill down to GP feature on MR 2012 v2.1.1033.30 ?

When we click on the Drill down to GP button, it does nothing. I've tried re-creating both the Server and Client Navigation.DLL's and that did not do anything.

I checked SQL to make sure the company is using the same server name as the ODBC. It does not with the sa user or any other user.

I have also tried running repairs on both the server and client before and after recreating the Navigation.DLL's. There is also no error message in the Event Viewer or in the Configuration Console. I also have tried resetting both of the services.

We did log into GP and then logged into MR with the same company. I know there are some articles on this, but we are at the latest build.

The only thing I can think of is the server isn't supported?

Windows Server 2003 R2

Any ideas?

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