Generating invoice to email freezing Dynamics session

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We have around 6 users who send invoices to customers through email in Dynamics.  Generating the email will work 3 times, 5 times, it varies... before Dynamics will completely freeze up generating the invoice to email.  When it freezes it shows the "Generating E-Mail" window, but no email is generated, none sitting in the Outbox, nothing... Dynamics is totally frozen and will not continue or un-freeze (one user left it frozen for 45 min).  From this point we have to open Task Manager and end Dynamics.exe.

There doesn't look to be any excessive CPU or memory usage at these times from Dynamics or any other application.  This is on a Terminal Server (or Remote Desktop Services) on 2008 Std R2.  There can be around 20 users connected to this server at a time, but when this happens nothing else seems excessive or out of the ordinary.  I have unchecked the option on the Adobe PDF printer to "Rely on System Fonts Only", no difference.  There was a PDF-XChange printer installed with our Mekorma MICR install, and this has been uninstalled as well.

Any other ideas on where to look?

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  • This is not something you would want to do on a regular basis but try printing 3 invoices to email, close out of GP and restart, do 3 more, exit and restart, and repeat that a total of 4 times.  If this lets you continue to send emails 3 at a time, then you DO have a resource issue. (Closing GP and restarting will release Resources)

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  • When you say restart, do you mean the server that Dynamics is hosted on?  That would be near impossible with so many users using it daily.  These users can send one at a time, multiples at a time, it doesn't seem to matter... eventually it freezes on them at a various time.  We have PRTG monitoring the CPU and memory usage on this and another GP server and neither seem to hit the 85% threshold.

  • What type of resources are you thinking of?

    We are now doing a SQL Profiler looking for deadlocks.  

    I will ask the staff to restart Dynamics client prior to doing any invoice emailing, to see if this prevents the issue from occurring.

    More information:

    This occurs sporadically.   It can occur when they email a single invoice...or multiple.  It doesn't appear tied to the # of invoices that they attempt.

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    David May

  • My company experiences the same issue. We are running GP2010 via TS and it will lock up. I boot her from GP, kill the session and have her login again and it always works. Like others have said, it could be emailing a single invoice or a batch of 200 and it is very sporadic.

  • Pushing this back to the top... wondering if anyone has any other suggestions to try?

    We feel we have looked at just about everything and the problem seems to crop up daily.

    Thanks for ANY help anyone can give!

  • Dallas4U,

    I'm going to play the devil's advocacy... but have you tried to execute the same kind of operations from a workstation with a local installed GP client ?  What version of Office is installed on the Terminal Server ?

    We use Citrix and don't use that much Invoice mailing out of GP, though I tested it a couple of time, but never encountered an issue with 'freezing' GP sessions...

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  • We haven't tried installing the client on a local PC and trying it.  Possibly something to consider doing, though!  We have Office 2010 Professional (32bit) installed on the Terminal/Remote Desktop Server... same version on all PCs as well.

  • Pushing this back up to the top to see if any new info or anyone new that may be looking may have any ideas??

  • Having very similar issue as well.  

    In, my case, GP seems to randomly lock up when processing email remittances.

    It seemed at first that ensuring that the VS Tools for Office seemed to help a lot.

    Though it has not gone away.

    Disabling anti-virus and malware while processing seems to help too.

    Any other suggestions would be great.

  • After running the debugger, it seems that there was a security issue with our check printer/preview page.

    I'll update whether correcting this works or not.

  • Thanks... would love to keep this thread open to hear possible solutions, recommendations, etc.

  • Hello All, we have similar issues when users are doing sales invoicing or doing purchase order where they do multiple transactions or scrolling any transactions on batch the GP will freeze for few min.  This will come back sometime or we have to end task the GP and login again.  We use GP on remote terminal server 2008 and GP 10 any comments or suggest will be very helpful.

  • I believe we may have tracked down the source of this issue in our environment.

    Based from an error noted in the application log:

    Disabled hardware acceleration.

    1. Run regedit (Win + R ; "regedit")

    2. Browse to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\15.0\Common

    3. Create a New Key and name it "Graphics"

    4. Select Graphics, right-click on the right panel and create a New DWORD (32-bit) Value and name it DisableHardwareAcceleration.

    5. Enter Value data as 1

    Disabling unneccesary com addins in outlook & in word seems to have done the trick.

    1. Run Word and Outlook in safe mode (ctrl + click)

    2. Go to File - Options

    3. Go to Add-ins

    4. Choose COM Add-ins and press Go...

    5. Disable as neccesary.

  • Chris, I don't completely understand... from the last part of your sentence stating "...seems to have done the trick" are you saying just disabling the unnecessary COM addins in Outlook and Word worked, or are you saying you have to do that AND add the registry setting to disable hardware acceleration as well?

    Thank you for clarifying... this has been an ongoing issue that we would LOVE to figure out!

  • My apologies for the hasty post.

    During the time the remittances were generated, the key item I noted was an application error log message:

    "MSOIDSVC.EXE cannot be found"

    A little bit of research lead me to the suggestion that hardware acceleration be disabled.

    This seemed to help, though the issue would still pop up.

    Another suggestion was disabling certain COM add-ins, and that definately seems to have worked.  We've managed to go several weeks now without this issue, where it was a at least a weekly occurance.

    The COM add-ins that I disabled were any related to PDF writing & an add-in from a third party paperless product.