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Can anyone recommend a PROCESS manufacturing solution that works well with GP 2010?

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  • Exactly what do you need to do?  Are you a true flow based manufacturer?

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  • We are a chemical manufacturing facility. I have been told the MS manufacturing will not work for our business as we are a process manufacturer. The process is quite simple: we buy raw materials, create batches, blend raw materials and produce a finished good. We have a multitude of formulations, and for each different variant (color, density, etc.) we have a different formula.  For example: Say I want to make a 5 pound bag of sugar for which I have a formula. I  then want to make brown sugar, which is simply the 5 pound sugar recipe with a color addition. We use different units of measure, which may be converted during the time of manufacturing i.e. buy in gallons, produce FG in pounds or vice-versa. Our biggest concern is true costing. I want a program that uses our current GP costing method of FIFO.  I could go on all day..... hope this answered your question!

  • You may want to look at Batchmaster.   It has been around for a long time is specifically for process mfg.   I don't have any first hand knowledge of it, but know it is one option that I would look at.   It does integrate with GP.


  • If your manufacturing process and formulae are as simple as you state, GP manufacturing would likely work for you.  I'm implementing GP manufacturing right now for a company that makes car care products, which are liquid chemical based.

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