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Hi Everyone!

Currently, for our Items we are using both Short Description and Generic Description fields. Can we have another additional field same with Short Description field that can we use with at least can contain 20 character?  This will be use for our Inventory reports.

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  • This can be done through customization, customization to window and reports. But if you don't want customization then you can use Notes field for that if not already in use.

  • Item Maintenance Card provides user defined fields, although, each one is up to (10) characters, and you have up to six user defined fields.

    Further capabilities can be provided by "Extender" which has been unfortunately discontinued, and provided only by eOne solutions. A simple VBA code can handle your requirement as well.

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  • I would say instead of using Extender you use Note's field, because it will be difficult for you to add extender field on reports.You can use Dynamics GP report Writer Function RW_GetNoteText to fulfill your reports need. And since you need at least 20 characters , user defined fields are of no use.

  • Hi!

    Acutally, the inventory report I am talking about is a system generated report: Reports > Inventory > Activity > Bin Quantity.

  • I haven't found any of the report named as Bin Quantity.

  • In my humble opinion, the easiest way to meet your requirement is to modify the window, using GP Modifier, to add the field you need and then modify the report to add the field to it.  

    Frank E. Hamelly, MCP, MCITP, MCT, MVP

  • Frank, yes this is another way to do the job, but I think level of effort will be more.. creating DUOS filed and then coding to save data and read on gp form and then modifying report.

    For me best way is to use existing things.. if possible. :)

  • I would recommend using the Extender.  Unlike customizations, new fields added using the Extender product survive updates and upgrades.

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  • Rotchine, all the suggestions a good ones.  Another factor to consider is budget.

    Using the Notes field will be the least costly - nothing to buy or develop.  You'll only need to modify the Report Writer report to include the note.  the downside is the note field does not apply any formatting, so you could end up with interesting variations of data in this field.

    Using Modifier (assuming you own it) requires a little development work.  If you don't have the talent in-house, you'll have to pay your partner to do the development.  The field can be formatted and can include drop-down and lookup values, if desired.

    Using Extender (assuming you don't own it) would require a software purchase and someone in your organization with the skill set to use it.  Otherwise, you're looking at paying your partner to do this work also.  The field can be formatted and can include drop-down and lookup values, if desired.

    The good news is - there is no shortage of options for you!

    Frank E. Hamelly, MCP, MCITP, MCT, MVP