Microsoft Dynamics GP2013 Smart List running slow

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All our smartlist data returns running about 30 seconds slower in our current upgraded version, than our previous version.

Current Upgraded Setup:Remote connection through Citrix 6.5 64-bit; Dynamics GP2013; MS SQL DB 2012 64-bit (running in 32-bit compatibility mode)

Previous version:Remote connection through Citrix 5 32-bit; Dynamics GP10; MS SQL DB 2008 32-bit 

That database footprint (transaction data, etc..) is the same between both previous/current.

Any ideas as to what we can check? We are working with our DBA's to make sure any indexes are not missing/dropped.

Any help is much appreciated!




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  • All,

    Thanks for the feedback so far. The issue was we were missing indexes an the targeted tables in our new DB envrionment after we upgraded from GP10 to Gp2013.

    Thanks again.

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