Can I change a batch posting date after it is posted?

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I posted a batch and then i realized i had the wrong posting date... is there a way to change the posting date of the batch even after it has posted???voiding out all the transactions in this batch is not an option since there are a lot of transactions...

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  • Saritael,

    The batch will be deleted once it has been posted.

    We can only change the posted transaction date through back end. I give you the code.

    Before, i want to comfirm the which batch(AP Payables, AP manual Payement, AR receivables, GL Journal Trans,..etc) did you posted?

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  • The batch was for AR receivables.


  • I would not recommend changing the transaction data at the database level, there is a general ledger posting data included as well. Therefore, I would simply recommend voiding and re-entering the transactions.

    The batch date is included in the setup, under the "posting date from" option. You can either choose to have your posting date from the transaction or the batch, as shown below;

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  • I have to second Mohmoud's recommendation to NOT change it in the db.  There are too many things to hit.  Plus, auditors and such will question this.  If the transactions are too many to reverse, take the distributions report and correct the GL.  There are other issues with AR receivables and, if the date difference is major, this can affect the customers average days to pay and the ageing and calculation of late charges.  If these matter, then void the transactions and re-enter them.

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  • Thank you all!  This helped a lot .