PO stuck while posting. Now don't see items

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I created a PO and included 6 items. I posted 30% of PO amount and it worked fine. Then I went to post 55% of same PO. After selecting the 55% items I clicked the receiving button and during the receiving process my connection dropped.

Now, I can't see the 55% items in receiving window neither it is shown as posted.

Is there any way to resolve this so I can receive, post and land the PO into Financials.

Thanks for the help

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  • Look in POP10500

  • When a posting corruption occurs with receiving transaction, data corrupted may extend not only to purchasing data, but also to inventory and GL. Therefore, you may start your correction as a prerequisite as follows;

    • Purchasing Check links 
    • Purchasing Reconcile

    If you have got your problem solved out, then you may check inventory and GL details to ensure that all the modules are tied correctly. Otherwise, you may check the tables initially in purchasing by consider the tables shown below;

    In POP10500, you mainly need to consider the following fields (in case the transaction has records there);

    • Quantity Shipped
    • Quantity Match

    Please provide us with you feedback so that we could proceed in case further analysis is required.

    Your response is highly appreciated,

    Best Regards,

    Mahmoud M. AlSaadi

    Dynamics GP Essentials |   mahmoudsaadi.blogspot.com

  • Mr Mahmoud,

    Many thanks for your reply on my problem. I need to check and verify the solution today with the concerned person. I will definately post the result and rate the answer after completing the verification process.

  • Dear Mr Mahmoud,

    If I see the table POP10310, I see the missing items in table as shown in the image. While I pull the records of table POP10500 for quantity I see the quantity shipped is 1 and quantity matched is 0 as shown in the image.

    Could you help me in recovering those items so purchase order can be processed smoothly to Finance?

    Also, please note that the items in these POs are not an inventory Items. They are just used for services we have taken from our vendor.


  • The receipt number is received against three PO Numbers, on each PO there are two line items.The Quantity Shipped is quantity you include at the receiving transaction which is (1) in your case for all line items.

    The quantity match is apparently 0 for all line items as those items are not "invoiced" yet. Once they are invoiced, the quantity match will change.

    Best Regards,

    Mahmoud M. AlSaadi

    Dynamics GP Essentials |   mahmoudsaadi.blogspot.com

  • Yes you are right that it is not invoiced yet. But the problem is it is not showing up in "Enter match invoices" so we are unable to invoice. Neither it is showing up again in receiving transaction entry.

  • Check this out,

    Posted receipts not showing on Enter Match Invoice window

    Best Regards,

    Mahmoud M. AlSaadi

    Dynamics GP Essentials |   mahmoudsaadi.blogspot.com