GP 2013 Upgrade Time (Hours Needed)

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Does anyone have an estimate of how much time it would take to upgrade GP 2010 to GP 2013? Assume a single company and no monster issues. Would this generally take more hours than an upgrade from GP 10.0 to GP 2010? Thank you!

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  • I just did a 15GB database with FA and 8 years of data. It took about 90 minutes. Of course, doing it in one hop as opposed to two should cut the time in half. The biggest factor will be the size of the database. Now you need to add in time for basic maintenance(check links) and then if there are any issues, the sky is the limit on the amount of time.

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  • David,

    As Richard mentioned, there are many different considerations. Anyone that will give you a time estimate without knowing a lot more details (not just about your GP, but about your environment, etc.) would be simply guessing.

    That said, if everything in being done on the same environment (ie, you're not moving servers or upgrading to a new version of SQL at the same time), and nothing has changed in your GP setup or data size, I would expect the GP 2010 to GP 2013 upgrade to take about the same amount of time as GP 10.0 to GP 2010 did.

  • David,

        One of the biggest time consuming parts of a GP upgrade is waiting for Microsoft SQL Server to expand the database size to accommodate the temp tables used to migrate the data.  It helps if you can run the upgrade in a test environment first to check for problems.  After the upgrade is complete on test you can expand the live database to at least the resulting size on the test server.  That will make things go faster.

    Keith McConnell

  • All of these responses are 100% correct. We always recommend doing a test upgrade so you can get a estimated time frame.