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Can anyone explain (or point me to a resource) that explains the relationship of the 4 fields marked in the picture below?  What I am particularly wondering is:

  1. Do I have the correct fields from SOP10200?
  2. What auto calculations after the document is submitted (and can this be avoided)?

I think these are the correct fields (although I could be wrong):

  1. Qty Ordered: QUANTITY (I am suspicious of this)
  2. Qty to Deliver: ATYALLOC (I am suspicious of this)
  3. Qty Fulfilled: QTYFULFI (confident)
  4. Qty to Back Order: QTYTBAOR (confident)

I am new to GP.  I am trying to use eConnect to update a document using taSopLineIvcInsert_ItemsTaSopLineIvcInsert

Here is the reason I am asking:  I have some C# code that loops through the LNITMSEQs.  Let's hypothetically use a scenario where we have 2 LNITMSEQs


Qty Ordered: 1

Qty to Deliver: 0

Qty Fulfilled: 0

Qty to Back Order: 1


Qty Ordered: 2

Qty to Deliver: 0

Qty Fulfilled: 0

Qty to Back Order: 2

If I want to fulfill the 1 back ordered of the 16384 line, I add 1 to 'Qty Fulfilled' and subtract 1 from 'Qty to Back Order'.  This is the result I get:


Qty Ordered: 1

Qty to Deliver: 1 ==> Not sure how this was populated

Qty Fulfilled: 1

Qty to Back Order: 0

I think that result is correct, but I want to understand it.

I am pretty sure I have some bad logic in my code that causes the 2nd LNITMSEQ (32768) to populate wrong.  I say that because, even though I have not tried to edit this line), 32768 results with the following:


Qty Ordered: 4 ==> this went from 2 to 4? How?  I have no logic adding/increasing QUANTITY

Qty to Deliver: 2 ==> this went from 1 to 2? How?  I have no logic adding/increasing ATYALLOC

Qty Fulfilled: 0

Qty to Back Order: 2

I appreciate any help you can provide. Let me know if you need more info. Thanks!

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  • I tried to make the readability easier, but still was not as successful as I would have liked.

  • Hi,

    Quantity to deliver is the QUANTITY field. Quantity ordered is also the QUANTITY field. The QUANTITY field is the first field you enter a qty in for each document type. There are different prompts for the field, but it's the same field. There is no Quantity to Order prompt on a Fulfillment document. Likewise, there isn't a Quantity to deliver field on a standard order document. Quantity allocated is the inventory you have reserved for this order. The allocation is determined by how you have your SOP Document ID set up.

    There are 28 different 'quantity' type fields on the SOP line item. You will  help yourself if you follow the advice of others and do some homework as to how these fields change. If you transfer documents around to different document types, Order/Backorder/Order/Invoice, etc. the quantity number changes can be difficult to follow.

    For example, the fields below may look simple, but they are often not as straightforward as you think.

    qty previously backordered

    qty previously backordered on order

    qty to backorder

    qty remaining on backorder

    Kind regards,


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