Can I void or reverse a Cash receipt through the integration manager?

Can I void or reverse a Cash receipt through the integration manager?

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I need to void, delete, change or reverse a cash receipt through the integration manager. Is that possible to do?

If that is not possible on the integration manager, how can a third party software can comunicate to GP those type of transactions.


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  • someone.....


    1) Nope.

    2) I think this would be quite an effort to control this process from outside GP.  When a Cash Receipt gets voided in the system it will run business logic that marks the transaction void, updates customer balances, updates RM, creates an offset GL transaction which then will need to be posted.  That process should stay in the business logic.  One thing you could do is integrate offset transactions (Debit Memos) so the overall balance for the customer is correct then figure out how to manage un-apply / apply.  You really can't change a posted document. 

    Good luck

  • There is no option available in Integration Manager for your scenario. Create a dexterity or VBA customization to achieve.

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    Somakarpagamoorthy K | MS Dynamics GP - Developer

  • Hi,

    You could also utilize the 'mail merge macro' technique to automate the process while leaving the business logic intact.

    Sounds to me like this might be the best way.

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  • Yes Vail suggested a better option. You can use Mail Merge Macro to do your process without affecting business logic.

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    Somakarpagamoorthy K | MS Dynamics GP - Developer

  • Hi, Thanks for your answer.

    Can you direct me to a resource where I can learn more about the 'mail merge macro' and possible how that applies to a problem like this one.

    This is the first time I hear about that macro and I really don't want to post a dumb question.

  • I got an Idea based on Tim's answer

    I understand that the process is complicated, and voiding or editing is quite hard from an external software, so what I want to do is to "reverse" it with another transaction.

    I wasn't thinking on Debit Memos, as I was analyzing this problem from the bank account perspective. If I am trying to offset Customer balances and Bank transactions, so I did not think a debit memo will help. This can only work if GP lets me counter Receivables with my Bank or Petty Cash account on a credit memo (which I doubt , but I will try on my test database)

    The question is then: Can I create, though the integration manager some sort of a "negative" cash receipt, that counters the original one? (creating a cash receipt, a debit memo, or a refund check)


  • I think the integeration manager does not allow to create negative cash receipt, debit memo.

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    Somakarpagamoorthy K | MS Dynamics GP - Developer

  • Hi Soma,

    I tried several distribution type combinations to import a negative cash receipts and GP reject them all.

    I am hoping to have better luck with the debit memos


  • Yes GP is not allow to enter negative payment. Try to create demit memo from IM and apply it to cash receipt. Surely it will help you. All the best.

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    Somakarpagamoorthy K | MS Dynamics GP - Developer