Checks printed multiple times

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We had some kind of glich and a check run printed 3 sets of the same checks.  We have not posted the checks yet because we are not sure if they will post 3 times as well. Any advice??

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  • Hi,

    I am presuming these are payables checks. Yes? If so, you could take a look at what's in the 'on deck circle' for posting.  Use SQL and take a look in the following tables:





    If it's going to post multiple times, chances are that you'll have multiple occurrences of the entries in these tables.

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  • Very unlikely that it will post three times.

    Most likely reason it would print three times - user printed them to screen as well as printer.  Printer didn't appear to start, so hit print on the screen output.  And did that again.

    Some of the reports / forms will only print when the screen out put has been closed.  However, the multiple hit on the print would have queued additional print runs to happen.