Linking Canadian Payroll to Chequebook

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After posting my Canadian payroll batches, I notice the entries do not 
populate in the Bank Register & therefore, I am unable to clear them in 
during my bank reconciliation.  I have the proper chequebook setup in the 
Payroll Control Setup Canada window, but it doesn't seem to affect anything.  
Furthermore, I tried attaching a chequebook to a payroll batch & that did not 
solve my issue.  

Has this module been designed such that it does not link to the chequebook?
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  • Canadian Payroll does work with the standard GP Bank Rec module for cheques.  Direct deposits do not go to Bank Rec, unless you purchase the extra code from Joe Software.
  • Can anyone confirm that in 2013 that this is still the case?  I know this to have been a pain but I would have thought that Microsoft would have solved this.

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  • Cheques will go to the bank rec if (1) you have the chequebook setup in the Control window and (2) for each employee receiving a cheque the Payment Method on the employee card must be set to Cheque and the Cash Account From field must be set to Chequebook.  For employees receiving a direct deposit the Payment Method on the employee card must be set to Direct Deposit, the Cash Account From must be set to Employee and the Account should (arguably) be set to a clearing account.  Once payroll is run the DD amount will be waiting in the clearing account.  Use Bank Transaction Entry to move the amount from the clearing account to the cash account to mimic a single withdrawal from the bank account.

    If you have employees paid by cheque and the Cash Account From is set to Employee, the cheque numbers will come from the control window and the cheques will not go to the Bank Rec module.