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Jim Lines asked a question on 18 Aug 2014 7:02 PM

I don’t even know where to start on this one…


A few times in the past weeks our fulfillment team has reported that when transferring an order to an invoice they lose a line item.  Today we had an order with 80 items that was allocated/fulfilled and transferred invoice.  The invoice only ended up with 79 of the 80 items.  The item what went missing is a Sales Inventory Item, FIFO Periodic, Lot tracked.  When I query the item in SOP10200 for that SO, it does not exist.  However, when I query SOP10201, I get the item with the correct lot number.    SOP documents are set to allocate by batch. 

When I look at the item in GP, I see the 10 units allocated, but on the drill down, it does not show me where. 


We’re using Auditor, but I couldn’t find anything to indicate that someone manually deleted a line item. Has anyone seen this before?

Thanks in advance!

Somakarpagamoorthy Kanagasabapathy responded on 19 Aug 2014 2:57 AM

I didn't faced this situation earlier. Better restore your live company database to test db and create a same new fulfillment order then transfer the order to invoice and check whether the 80th line available or not.

Hope this helps!!!

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