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Has anyone used the Professional Service Tool Account Modifier/Combiner?  What did you use it for?  Did it work well, weaknesses?   Any info would be helpful.  Thanks.

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  • Hi, I have used it and it works well.  The process can take some time to run depending on how many accounts your are modifying and or combining.  The process also goes through all the SQL tables and replaces the old account, making it seem like that account never existed.  You MUST print the report after its done processing as thats the only way to know what was changed.  Depending on audit requirements, this can get tricky.  You will also have to run the reconcile years as well as some routines for this to update FRx.  There is good information in the user guide of the "PST" documentation.


    I have actually used the service tools. The modifier works well, I had difficulty with the account combiner.  Say I have three G/L accounts that I want merged into one account number the first account merged works great, for the remaining two the detail shows up in the G/L but the G/L balance does not change.  Causing all balance sheets to carry inaccurate data.  I have tried this three times and have always had to restore.  Again the modifiers seem to work great but I have lots of difficulty with the combiners.

     If there is a fix for this I would love to hear it.

  • Useful for its purpose but if you need more functionality there are available tools by third-party vendors.

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  • Did you run the Tools--Utilities--Financial--Reconcile after you combined the accounts? That always works for us. (Version 9)

  • Corporate Renaissance Group's Changer tool works well too.

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    This is a good article on this.