Modifying Word Templates in GP 2010

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I have created a modified form (SOP Blank Invoice Form) in RW where I have
changed the layout, added some calculated fields, and have pulled in some
functions to show information from a 3rd party dictionary.  Security is set
to the modified form and everything works great.

I have followed the documentation to create a new Word template for the
modified version of this report, opened it in Word but I can't see any of the
fields in the XML pane.  I have tried to save the modified report in XML
format and then add it as a data source in Word and still no luck.  How do i
get the fields to show up in the XML pane (its blank right now)?

Hopefully someone has tackled this, I know it's pretty new for GP. I do have all the required software and plug-ins installed. 



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  • Hi Aaron--

    Have you loaded the MS Dynamics add-in for Word?  And when you are in Word, do you see the Developer ribbon?

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  • Hi Aaron

    Did you see the May 30th post in the Developing for Dynamics blog?

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  • Thanks for the reply Christina.

    I did install the add-in and I can see the developer tab on the ribbon.  When I look at the XML pane for the template that was created based on my modified report, there are no fields in there.  Everything is blank. 


  • Leslie,

    Thanks for your reply.

    I read Dave's post and I am pretty sure I have followed it to the "T".  If I create a new template based off of the "canned" templates in GP, I can see all the fields in the XML pane and I can add, remove, and change things around.  If I modify a report, and then try to create a template based off of that report, the XML pane is completely empty.  Any advise?


  • Hey Aaron--

     I just tested using these steps, and I do get the fields.  Let me know what you are doing different (if anything).

     1.  Create modified SOP Blank invoice in report writer

    2.  in template maintenance, choose SOP Blank invoice (modified) as report

    3.  Click New, and choose to create a new template

    4.  word doc opens, click on developer ribbon...then in the Microsoft Dynamics GP section, click Field List

    5.  In XML pane on left hand side of window, choose SOP Blank Invoice from drop down menu

    6.  report sections appear, select report section and fields appear


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  • Christina,

    I think the only thing that I am doing differently is creating the new template basd on the original template so I don't have to do all the extra design work.  The report writer report is essentially the same with the addition of a logo and some text and calculated fields so I didn't want to have to go through building the body and headers and such.  Do I have to create a blank template in order to make this work?



  • I tried the same process, creating a new template based on another template...and I can still see the fields.  So it must be environmental?  What version of word and OS are you working with?  I am office 2010 with windows 7.

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  • I tried it both ways as well and still no fields in the fields list. I agree, it must be my environment.  Right now I am on a test server (Windows Server 2008 x64) using Office 2007.  I wonder if it's a 64-bit issue? Is your Windows 7 OS 64-bit?  I guess I could upgrade to Office 2010 and see if that corrects the issue but I don't see how it would considering the documentation states that the templates work on both Office 2007 and 2010. 


  • Yeah, I am not sure.  It may also be permissions.  I am on 64 bit, with Office 64 bit.  So I don't think that would be it.  And i just tried it on a 32 bit box with office 2007, and it also works.  Hmmmm...

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  • I had the exact same issue.

    When I downloaded and installed the lastest Service Pack for the Microsoft Word Add-In, I could see the fields fine.

  • To modify or create new documents in this scheme, you NEED Office 2010.  That is probably your issue.

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