Payroll recalculation for prior period

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How does GP handle a payroll recalc?  In our current system, we might change a time code from one type to another for a period that has already been paid or enter a new payrate with an effective date for a period or periods that have been paid.  Our current system recalculates the past period and adds or subtracts the difference from the current pay.  We had a GP demo where we were shown only a manual way to correct prior payrolls.  If there was a difference from a previous pay we would have to calculate it and enter it into a window.  I'm hoping to hear from current users that there is a more efficient way to handle this situation.

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  • Hi Anne,

    Have you looked at the Retroactive pay functionality?

    (Microsoft Dynamics GP menu >> Tools >> Utilities >> Payroll >> Retroactive Payment Management)

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  • Hi Lesle, 

    Actually we don't have Microsoft Dynamics yet.  We're just looking at it as a potential replacement for our current system.  We had a demo of Dynamics and were shown only a manual  process to recalculate differences from previous payrolls.  So...I have no access to the path you noted.  Does "retroactive payroll management" provide a simple reclass of one paytype to another where the system will recalculate differences, if any, or does the user have to recalculate manually and enter differences? 

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