Purcase order receipt details are missing

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We see vairly frequently a situation where a purchase order receipt is posted and appears to process correctly. The PO lines are updated correctly and the inventory is updated correctly. The inventory transactions are available in inquiry and smartlist views. However, when you do an inquiry on the PO receipt, the detail lines on the receipt are missing. The total dollars on the document are correct - all the header and footer information is correct. Only the inventory detail lines are missing. And just to be through, the lines are actually missing from the PO receipt SQL tables so it is not a view issue.

 Has anyone seen this behavior? Any idea what might cause it and is there a fix for it?

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  • Hello, i have the same problem and we can't replicate it yet. The records in POP10310 dissapear randomly without any pattern. Do you know where can we investigate it???


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  • RRedman,
    What Microsoft Dynamics product line are you using? Looking forward to hearing from you.

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    Nick Hoban

  • We're on Dynamics GP version 9, service pack 4.

  • Thanks for letting me know. I have now moved this post to the Microsoft Dynamics GP forums. This will get your question in front of more Microsoft Dynamics GP users. If you have any questions please let me know.

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  • Thanks - I'm new to this forum so I'm learning.

  • NP hopefully the community will be able to help you here.

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  • How do I see the Dynamics GP Forum specifically? I haven't gotten emails about any responses and would like to be able to search that area also.

  • The Microsoft Dynamics GP forums are located here: http://community.dynamics.com/forums/32.aspx . You have a couple of options to navigate to the Microsoft Dynamics GP forums. Since this post is located in the GP forums you can go to the top of this page and in the cookie crumbs click Microsoft Dynamics GP. Here are the repo navigation steps from the community home page: Community home> Click on the Microsoft Dynamics GP community> click product forums or from the Community home you can click on forums link under the Microsoft Dynamics GP community.

    You should be receiving notifications every time there has been a response to post your active in or following. It looks like no one has responded besides me at this time. But if you received a e-mail from my last response everything is working as designed.

    To search the forums we currently only have one search option and that is located in the upper right chrome. This search currently searches across all blog all forums. We have a new search coming with our next release that will allow for you to only search forums or blog or people or everything. I hope this information helps let me know if you have any questions.

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  • This sounds pretty strange and is not a known issue that I have heard of before.  If something went wrong with posting these, I would expect that there would also be issues with the inventory quantities and PO's, but you're saying that's not the case. 

    Can you confirm that you can duplicate the issue on another computer while logged in as 'sa'?  (Or even better, directly on the SQL Server, if you have GP installed there?)  Also, if you have any customizations or modified forms, can you turn them off and test?

    If you can duplicate the issue, can you check the tables in SQL to see if the data is actually there?  POP30310 is the table that would have the line items for posted POP receipts.  I would also check the corresponding unposted table (POP10310) to make sure they are not there.

    You say you see this frequently, so some receipts are showing up correctly?  Is there any pattern you can identify as to what is different about the receipts that are showing up correctly vs. ones that are not?

  • Hi Victoria, I have also seen this problem in my environment, I have Dynamics GP 10.0 with SP3, we could not replicate the error and we have not found the necessary conditions for this to happen. The Item lines disappear from POP10310 table, but these lines are not in the table POP30310, I have only the header in the table POP30300

  • It makes me feel better to know I'm not alone out there. And to be honest, I worked for 20+ years as a Great Plains Dynamics master certified consultant and I've seen it happen at other client sites occassionally. I always assumed that it was caused by an undisclosed posting glitch but I can say without qualification that a posting glitch is not happening here and we see it happening in 65 different databases.

  • Have you talked to GP support about it?  Perhaps they have had this reported before and at least can offer some steps to track this down?

  • I have not talked to support regarding this lately. It's probably time to escalate it to them. I had talked to them in the past without success on this subject but it was quite a while ago.

     Thanks for your help.

  • Hello, i have the same problem and we can't replicate it yet. The records in POP10310 dissapear randomly without any pattern. Do you know where can we investigate it???


  • I too have seen this happen. It never happened frequently enough to chase down. About once a year or so, everything is posted ok, so we never spent the time to look.

    Obviously, something is lurking out there in the shadows.

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  • I am having the same problem.  No rhyme or reason to the issue.  It is happening in all 4 of my companies.  I also notice that if check links is run that error messages exist on the Purchasing Receipt Line - "All line items for receipt XXXXXXX were removed because the receipt no longer exists" and the Purchasing Receipt Line Quantities - "Line item XXXXX on Receipt XXXXXX has been re-created".  Any help with this error will be greatly appreciated.