Construction job costing requires double entry??

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This may be a bit of a vague question, but something just doesn't make sense.  Our organization regularly constructs different projects/structures/buildings.  We don't sell them to customers, but tracking of the construction costs is critical.  We are new into GP and the staff just informed me that in order to track costs to a specific project, they have been instructed to enter it twice.  Once through A/P and then again in the costing module.  I've been told that this is "just the way it works".

There must be something wrong.  Even the simplest programs with project/job costing allow the project info to be entered as part of the main input/payables screen.  Double entry is inherently fraught with dangers.

I'm not in the system day to day, but have been told that we are using the Project Costing module.

Any type of reality check would be greatly appreciated!

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  • You are correct, something is wrong.   The GP Project Accounting or any of the 3rd party project software would not require double entry.  

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  • There are a couple options for 'job costing' and 'project accounting' in GP.  Which of the modules you're using determines the answer.  If you're using GP's Job Costing module that is part of the Manufacturing series, you can in fact tag any GP transaction to the Job, after the fact.

    However, if you're using the Project Accounting module, then there is a limitation on what I would call 'true' AP transactions.  The Payables Transaction Entry window does not include a field to enter the project and cost category.  This type of transaction would have to be entered as a Miscellaneous Log transaction to the project for it to appear in the project.  However, if you use a Shipment/Invoice type transaction under Receivings Transaction Entry instead of the Payables Transaction Entry window to enter your project-related payables, you can tag the 'AP' transaction to a project and cost category.

    Hope this helps,

    Frank E. Hamelly, MCP, MCITP, MCT, MVP

  • Any new information on this? I'm up against the same thing. We're currently using Peachtree, and right there in the AP transaction entry screen then can punch in the Project/Job# - same for AR transactions.

    I'm trying to figure something out using Extender to simply tag AP/AR transactions with the project number, but bumped into an issue today because the AP transaction entry screen uses a temporary primary key of "Voucher Number - WORK", which is lost once the transaction is posted. Therefore, I cannot perform inquiries to match up the data after the fact.

    Any suggestions? Any cheap add-ons available?


  • You could use the Receivings Transaction Entry instead of Payables Transaction Entry to record project-related payables transactions, using the Shipment/Invoice transaction type.  The Receivings Transaction does not require a reference to a PO but does provide fields for entering the Porject ID and Cost Category.

    Frank E. Hamelly, MCP, MCITP, MCT, MVP

  • Thanks for your suggestion, Frank!

    Actually, I was finally able to get things working the way I need with standard Payables Transaction Entry and the Sales Transaction Entry windows. I've attached Extender windows to those screens where the AP/AR user can search & select the appropriate project number, which is attached to either the Voucher Number or the SOP Number.

    Then, I built an Extender View for reporting on this information. I'll get my DBA to make a nice report for this (aggregating AP & AR transactions for each project #) with SRS and we should be good to go.

    It was quite tricky to set up, but its very easy to use, and simple - just what we needed! I should export & sell this little thing! =)


  • Good deal Brad.  You know however, that your solution won't actually apply those transactions to the Project so any Project inquiries you do won't reflect those transactions.

    Frank E. Hamelly, MCP, MCITP, MCT, MVP