Help! AP distributions for PURCH type is "doubling up"

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Please help, I dont understand why Great Plains is doing this. The PAY GL Account code is "doubling up" sometimes "tripling up". Below is the steps I'm following:

  1. Enter the supplier invoice in the Payable transaction entry window
  2. Proceed to the Payables Transaction Distribution entry window
  3. Enter the GL account code for PURCH
  4. Click Ok
  5. Click Save

This is where the problem begins. I get the error message "This transaction will not post; it includes distributions with errors. Do you want to save it with errors?". When you click Save and check the Edit list for the transaction, it clearly shows that the problem exists in the distributions. Sometimes the Accounts Payable value is double/ sometimes trip the amount of the PURCH account.

I'm also using AA. When the PURCH GL account code is entered the AA distribution window is not opening so I cannot enter my dimension code.

How do I set this right? Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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  • I solved the problem but I thought I'd let everybody know how I did it.

    Incredulously, I had to unlink and then re-link the GL account codes to the AA Class ID. I dont understand the relation at all but it fixed the problem for now. I'm still not able to add a new Account Class ID but this is another problem with AA.

    If anyone can share some light as to what's the relation, I'd appreciate it.

    Thanks in advance!

  • I actually used the script from this KB article 897280 to fix it without having to do it all manually.  This post did help get me in the right direction though.. thanks!

  • Mike, can you proivde the script in here?.

    I am having the same issue like I-thomas and i dont feel comforatble with unlinking the GL account. I would like to try this script but i do not have access to the link you provided?