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How can I give a user access to Tools -> Routines -> Batch Recovery window? Which security role or task ID I need to give access to so that the user can access the batch recovery window?


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  • You can use the Role ACCOUNTING MANAGER* or task ADMIN_COMPANY_011* to grant access to batch recovery window.

    Please note that  assigning this role to user will also give him access to lot of other windows.

    You can use the following website find the roles for a particular window.

  • You could also just create your own task called "*BATCH_RECOVERY" and then only assign the Batch Recovery window. The window is located under:

    Product: Microsoft Dynamics GP

    Type: Windows

    Series: Company

    Operations: Batch Recovery

  • Great responses from the Community.

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  • Thanks this website is a great help in targeting the task and where it is assigned.

  • I would not recommend assigning the Role of Accounting Manager at all, this might also come with a lot of other grants which will result with a security breach in Dynamics GP such as (accounts, revaluation ...etc)

    The best way to do this is to create a new task to be assigned to a new role specifically for "Batch Recovery", which will ensure that no breach would occur !

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  • Hi Maanas,

    You can tailor a specific Security Task and assign it to a specific Security  Role to get this done.

    In the Security Task Setup window create a new Task, select GP for Product, Windows for Type and then Company for Series. Mark the Batch Recovery window in the Access List.

    Once done, assign the Task you created to a new Role.  Then assign the new role to the users you want to have access to this.

    Let me know if you have further questions.

    Please let me know if you have further questions regarding this.

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