GP Log In Delay

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At the initial Welcome screen where you enter your user ID and password, the screen hangs (5-15 seconds) and sometimes reports Not Responding. I'm running on Windows Server 2008 R2. I've tested with both GP 10 and GP 2010. Both products exhibit the same behavior. Is this normal? Is there a way to speed it up?

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  • Hi George,

    This is normal. GP needs to look at the registry and load dictionaries. You can review the performace white paper which does have a few things to try:

  • Thanks for the doc. I've read over it and the parts that apply, and we've already done or tested those suggestions. Having looked and and worked with the GP database schema, my guess is that the code base has become very sloppy and out dated. I think the GP community would be well served if Microsoft would rewrite the code from scratch. Today's hardware has become so fast is masks a lot of poorly written code.

  • two things to consider:  Go into Customize this page,  and turn off Outlook which it is attempting to connect with as well as Connect.  You'll find that your launch comes up a whole lot quicker.

  • Thanks, but I'd already done that. Your right, it does make a huge difference.