FRX Run-time error '6'

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Hello.   I just started working for this company and have no prior experience with FRx.  Unfortunately the person I replaced (who quit) was the only one that understood FRx.  A few days ago someone's laptop got stolen so I had to set up a new laptop for him and everything works great however when he ... I don't know, uses FRx, runs a query or drilldown (something like that) he gets a Run-time error '6': Overflow  I have spent the past few days Googling and reseaching this on the web but have yet to find a fix.  The only thing left it might be is an ODBC connection setting.  But if that is it, I wouldn't even know what that was.  For clarification, the FRx is installed on a Terminal Server so he accesses it by a remote connection.  The reason I posted the question here is because he access FRx through MDGP.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.

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  • All this means is that it can't find a printer.  Setup a default printer on this laptop and then the Error 6 will go away.

  • Try increasing the screen resolution if the printer solution does not help.

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  • The other issue can be that you are running dual monitors, and if that is the case turn off one of the monitors prior to launching Frx.  And the solution is what Richard is suggesting by increasing the screen resolution

  • MS KB 867917 ( helped me with the RTE 6 error in FRX. KB shows 8 possible causes for RTE 6 and issue/resolution 7 was the cause/fix for me and issue no longer occurs. May help if you still have this issue or others running into this error.

    As for background, I ran into this error when monitor was replaced with 27" using a 2560X1440 resolution when secondary monitor was 21" and still running 1680X1050 desktop. FRX was accessed via Citrix and would generate RTE 6 on load. Issue didn't occur once the larger monitor's resolution was reduced down to 1680X1050. Set resolution back to 2550 and fixed via Citrix using solution 7's suggestion.

  • Hi, the runtime error 6 is an overflow issue that can occur if the Visual Basic program try to store too much data in the temporary folder. To fix the error, I suggest that you uninstall the Visual Basic program and reinstall it. Visit for more :

    It works. Hope this information is helpful for you.

  • Setting up an optional work drive lets you specify a location for building the .frd report files. The files will be stored here temporarily during report generation, and then automatically exported to the default output location or the file location specified in the Output File Name box of the Catalog of Reports window.

    To set up an optional work drive

    Step - 1 On the FRx Report Designer Admin menu, click Processing Options.

    Step - 2 In the Optional Work Drive box, type or select the drive that you want to use to temporarily store reports you generate.

    Step - 3 Click OK.