FP: Couldn't close table

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Client is running Total Defense r12 from CA virus software.

Various Testing has shown the FP:Couldn't Close Table errors only happens if virus software is turned on. Error occurs when AP processing.

Have added the following exclusions to virus software: TNT*.idx, TNT*.dat and TNT*.tmp. These were added after looking at a post by others that have successfully by-passed the errors with these exclusions. The error continues if the virus software is turned on.

Are there other exclusions which should be added?

Currently have client turn of virus software during AP processing, but this is not an acceptable long term solution for obvious reasons.


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  • This is happening to us too with the virus protection software Kaspersky.  We can turn off the program at the desk top level, but the issue stays because the software is also at the network/server level which cannot be deactivated.

    We are on GP 2010 sp2/R2.  We upgraded to sp2 this year and changed our virus software at the beginning of the year, so I don't know if this is strictly an issue with sp2 or if it solely revolves around how Kaspersky works compared to our prior virus protection software (ie, we did not have this error...and others...last year).


  • We have started experiencing this proble since yesterday and none sysmptoms mentioned here are valid in our situation. So what could be another situation ?

  • FP: Can't close table can also be cause by lost network connectivity. Are you experiencing router issues?

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  • It is not just TNT*.* files.

    There are also named *.dat and *.idx files in a TNT* subfolder. These are application "memory" tables as opposed to the temporary tables.


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  • The problem with our network and went away as soon as we addressed the network issue.

    Thank you all very much.