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We are running GP 10.00.1727.  When running Smartlist Sales Transactions we are restricting to Document Status = Unposted, Void Status = Normal and when we double click on some of the transactions we get  the sales transaction entry screen to open but then get a pop up "This document has been posted"  The document does not show against the customer and can only be viewed through Inquiry Sales Documents.  We have about 20 invoices that are having this problem and none were posted as part of the same batch.  We have run checklinks and reconcile but the problem persists.

Thanks for any help you can provide.  Dave Ahalt

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  • When you get to the transaction is it greyed out or is it available to modify?

  • It is only visible on the Sales Order Processing Document Inquiry and Sales Transaction Inquiry Zoom screens.  On the entry screens it says The document has been posted.

  • Check if the Batches are sitting in batch recovery or in the General Ledger waiting to be posted

  • All Financial batches are posted and there are no batches for recovery.  Doing a SQL query the transactions only exist in SOP10100 and SOP10200 voidstts=0 and sopstatus=0

  • Did some SQL digging and found about 12 transactions which have this problem.  They appear on the unposted Smartlist in GP.   In SQL there are records in the SOP10100, SOP10101,SOP10102 and RM20101 with valid dates in the GLpostdt field.  But the corresponding transactions do not exist in the GL20000 while other transactions from the same batches are there.

  • Check the record for that entry in those SOP tables - 10101 and 102, 104 etc.

    Do they have a customer id - or is that field blank?  Are users allowed to delete a SOP entry?

    I have seen this - where a entry was started but not completed and it cannot be deleted- and since the cust id is a required field they are simple orphan records that will need to be cleared via sql.

  • The customer ids exist for the records.  Users do not have rights to delete SOP transactions.   We have decided to remove the records at the SQL level.