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Tauqir Abbas asked a question on 7 Nov 2012 11:07 AM

Dear Sir,

one customer record is not showing in that report Sales Historical Aged Trial balance Report.

Please advise

Jonathan Boice responded on 7 Nov 2012 3:59 PM

Hello Taquir!

Without more information on the current status of the Customer Record, I'll direct troubleshooting towards your Receivables Trial Balance Options setup for the Report Option you are using.

1.  Open the Receivables Trial Balance Reports window (Reports -> Sales -> Trial Balance)

2.  Select Reports:  Historical Aged Trial Balance.

3.  If you use a report from the Options part of this window, select it and click Modify.

4.  If you do not have a Report Option to select.  Click New and name the Option.  ex.  Test.

5.  Reveiw the selections you've made in this window against the Customer Information you have for the affected Customer Record to see if one of the options here could be keeping the Customer from showing on the report.

I'd suggest setting the Ranges: for that specific Customer ID testing multiple options and Exclude: settings to see if you can get the Customer to show on this report.

If you still cannot get the Customer to print, I'd suggest opening a case as you may have an issue with data fragmentation or with a Modified report that had become corrupted.

Asif Syed responded on 7 Nov 2012 11:34 PM

Hi All

I have the same issue and i have tried to change all options even reconcile and aging check links but no luck

Any idea please ?



Leslie Vail responded on 13 Nov 2012 12:15 AM

Make sure you are retaining transaction history for this customer. Open the Options window from the Customer Maintenance window just to be sure. Look at the checkboxes in the lower left-hand corner of the options window.