Fixed Asset Depreciation Errors

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A user is depreciating assets and the following error log printed:


  Return code 2 on script Calculate_GL_Period. Date 11/1/1995


  Return code 2 on script FA_Get_Period_Info. Date: 11/1/1995


  Return code 2 on script FA_Determine_Prorated_Amt_and_Depr_Begin_Date.


  Return code 2 on script FA_Depreciator. Asset Index: 169   Book Index: 1


  Return code 2 on script FA_Locate_Books_Not_Fully_Depreciated


Does it matter that we do not have a fiscal period of 1995? We only started in 2000. I am not sure why FA is trying to use this date. 

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  • Hi.

    Return Code 2 usually means that the calendar in FA is corrupt in some way. You should backup the company database, and then try and rebuild the FA calendar. To do this - have a look at the following article:


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  • I rebuilt the FA calender in our test company to include all years 1901-2199.  They match to our Company fiscal periods except for our first year of using GP which was 2002 and has only ten periods as we started mid-year.

    So all of the FA years prior to that year have ten periods as well, with Period 1 covering 3 months. I don't really care if this will fix the issue. But I'm not going to go back and change our fiscal year from 2002 for the company.

    I will get the user to see if he can depreciate in the Test company.

  • After rebuilding the FA calendars to include all years, the user was able to run depreciation without error.

  • Hi!

    It happened that I had a problem with FA Calendar. Do you know what are possible reasons for corruption of FA Calendar? Is there any preventive measure that we can take? Any permanent solution other than rebuild FA Calendar?

    Advance thanks for your time.