AR can't apply cash receipt

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I have entered a cash receipt an posted the transaction.  When I navigate to the Apply window and try to apply the payment I receive the following message:

You can't choose this document because it is part of a recovered batch or is still in the process of posting.

The cash receipt is availabel in the deposit entry window as well as in the GL in the cash account and AR accounts.

I have run a check links and a reconcile and I still receive the same message.  If I try to void the transaction, thinking that I could reverse it out and reenter, I receive the same message as above.

the transaction is in the RM10100, RM10201 table, the CM20300 and the GL20000

Can anyone advise as to how to proceed to correct?





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  • Tools >> Routines >> Batch Recovery will allow you to recover the batch. If it can be posted it will be otherwise it will be available via the transaction window.

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  • There is not Batch in the Batch recovery window to bring back to the transaction entry window.  

  • I know that this reposnse is very late however have you tried the following.

    **working knowledge of SQL is required**

    If you know the batch id (BACHNUMB) Run the following query against the SY00500 Table within your company db Where BACHNUMB = the bach you are looking for.

    Once you obtain a result get the values for the following fields MKDTOPST and BCHSTTUS.

    Ideally you want to see all zeros for each of these feilds for the batch in question. If it isnt set MKDTOPST and BCHSTTUS = 0.

    Once this is completed the batch should be available now for you to print and edit list from or try and post once more.