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Print PO Without Releasing

Is there a way to print a PO without releasing it? We want Warehouse personnel to be able to print PO's but not enter them. I am finding that task TRX_PURCH_001 must be added to let them print, but this also gives them access to enter PO's. Any ideas? Thanks.
Forum Thread | on 21 Dec 2009 by Devin

Duplicated inventory transactions

Hi all, W e have a serious issue with one of our customers and he is facing a lot of problems because of this. It happens regularly (minimum twice a week). We found some duplicated inventory transactions in the posted tables. This duplication is not happing in the header level. It's just happing...
Forum Thread | on 2 Nov 2009 by Rachid Buamar

Set up default sorting by lot number

Hi, I was given a task lately to setup the default lot sorting by the lot number rather than the Date received. I've search everywhere(at least I think its everywhere!) but cannot find anything that enables me to do this. Could anyone shed some light on this one? As outlined in above picture...
Forum Thread | on 3 Dec 2013 by scubax58