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    how to enable the field dumb in gp version 10 for the macro? thanks -rai
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    How about a Solution! The Closer now includes CASH making Great Plains Better! The Closer eliminates the need to "Tic & Tie" by finding all of the transaction that are causing you to be out of balance. Not only does The Closer find them, it groups them by error code explaining what is...
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    We are looking for a solution where sales invoicing can be done with one screen. For a service based (technican turns in paper invoice, staff entry) where all fields can be included on one screen. Any idea's?
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    Hi Does anyway know of a way to remove or hide serial numbers from the POP Receivings Posting Journal (edit list). If I go to report writer there is no field for serial number, it seems to be lumped with other data as a string I have a customer who works with a large volume of serial numbers...